Why Paperpanzer.com?

Why Paperpanzer.com?

As a first post I want to explain a bit why I decided to start Paperpanzer.com. The original idea goes back many years. I even had the basis of a running site back in 2010 until I got dissatisfied with the design and abandonned the site for other priorities. My interest in paper panzers, prototypes and special vehicles and weapons goes back even longer. Explaining what fascinates me in these vehicles would result in a far too long post. One of the primary reasons for this fascination is the fact that in many cases not much data is available on these vehicles. It is often challenging to find reliable information. This invites research and reflexion on how certain vehicles and technologies would have worked in the field. A fun exercise!

I noticed that I spent quite a bit of time on forums and blogs looking for topics in my field of interest. Through the internet I met some great people with similar interests. The frustrating part is that they are from all parts of the world so meeting each other is often not an option. The idea of creating Paperpanzer.com had never left me and my motivation to create the site I envisioned came back big time. This site was created to offer a platform to everybody with an interest in paper panzers, prototypes, late war vehicles, whatif vehicles, field conversions and much more. When I relaunched the creation of Paperpanzer.com, design became less a worry while the community aspect became a more central part of the site. Members will notice that through their profile page they can be members of groups, have friends, private messages, favorites and more.
So why not create a Facebook group? Well, there’s already excellent Facebook groups out there, such as Panzer 1946, which are doing an great job. Personally I wanted to create a website because a site offers more functionality and is less fleeting than social networks. Having created the site myself allows me to manage and improve it. I hope that the functionalities Paperpanzer.com offers in its launch phase will please its visitors and members. I’m very open to comments and suggestions. The site will most probably see more features added or improved on the basis of experience and feedback.

The success of Paperpanzer.com will largely depend on its community members for their participation in discussions, feedback and help will make the site a nice corner on the internet. The basic goal of Paperpanzer.com is to be a pleasant gathering of people with similar interests. A place where we can ask questions about obscure vehicles, scetches on a napkin or this crazy idea you had of a Sherman with a Pak43. 🙂 The main objective is to keep it fun, enjoyable and motivating. So I would say ‘Errm, Have Fun! Enjoy! And keep motivated to create great models!

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