PPP35021: Einheitsturm Reichswerke Hermann Göring 1947

Paper Panzer Productions 35021 Einheitsturm Reichswerke Hermann Göring 1947

(Warning: What if; this is not based on any documents)
In 1945 Skoda Werke, as part of the Hermann Göring Werke, were ordered to develop a bigger version of the Schmallturm so it could accept a bigger main gun, such as the Kwk 10.5cm L/68. Just like the French steelworks Skoda had the capacity to cast big parts, through their experience with big locomotive parts. Shifting production to Skoda would relieve part of the burden on the rolled steel industry in Germany right at the time the E-50, E-75 and E-100 entered production. Skoda could handle the whole process internally and did not require highly skilled workers for the production process. The new turret was more heavily armored and had an internal infra-red viewing device. The commander’s cupola included a rotating observation periscope. Apart from cast turrets the Skoda group was also involved in turning over the Panther upper hull in a cast version. But that’s another story…

The kit comes with a metal barrel and antenna by RB Model, two types of cupola, two types of observation periscope and copper wire to replace the resin versions if you prefer that.

PPP35021 Einheitsturm Reichswerke Hermann Göring 1947 is available at 40€ (TAV included, shipping not included). A shop will be added to Paperpanzer.com in the future. In the meantime contact us for more information and purchases.

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