PPP35012: Casting symbols incl. German factory markings (1.5; 1; 0.75mm)

Paper Panzer Productions 35012 Casting symbols, incl. German factory markings
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This photo-etch set includes a ton of numbers and letters in 1,5mm, 1mm and even 0,75mm. It also includes typical abbreviations from the German panzer (part) factories. Finally, it includes a number of curved designs to fit the radiator fan cover of the King Tiger/Jagdtiger/… Don’t let yourself be fooled by scale or particularities, a large part of this set can be used universally.

A more detailed description of the factory markings will follow. Special thanks to Herbert Ackermans for helping us with the research of this project.

PPP35012 Casting symbols, incl. German factory markings is available at 12‚ā¨ (TAV included, shipping not included). A shop will be added to Paperpanzer.com in the future. In the meantime contact us for more information and purchases.

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