PPP35007: ‘Einheitsturm’ for E-50/E-75 (also fits DML Panther and King Tiger)

Paper Panzer Productions 35007 Einheitsturm E-50/E-75
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In January 1945 the Entwicklungskommission Panzer demanded Daimer-Benz to develop a Panther-Schmallturm with the 8.8 cm Kw.K.43 L/71. The war situation prevented the project to develop any further than just a wooden mock-up. The design proved that it was possible to mount the larger gun, but the loader would have been very restricted in his movements. A modified, larger turret would have largely resolved this issue. Combining the excellent profile of the Schmallturm with the deadly ‘88’ could have easily led to a single solution for the E-50 and E-75 turret. That is why we present you this project as the ‘Einheitsturm’.

The kit comes with a metal barrel by RB Model, a highly detailed commander’s cupola, a modified gun collar with casting texture and markings, etc. The turret also fits the DML Panthers and it comes with a modification ring to make it fit a DML King Tiger.

PPP35007 Einheitsturm for E-50/E-75 at 30€ (TAV included, shipping not included). A shop will be added to Paperpanzer.com in the future. In the meantime contact us for more information and purchases.

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