PPP35030 Cast Panther F hull for Dragon and Tamiya Panther

Paper Panzer Productions 35030 Cast Panther F hull

(Warning: What if; this is not based on any documents)
When he saw the first completed Panther tank Heinz Guderian wanted a complete stop in Panzer III and IV production to concentrate solely on the Panther. The war situation however did not permit a radical stop and switch. The Wehrmacht needed plenty of replacement panzers for the battles on the Eastern Front. Although production in Germany was in full swing the required numbers were never reached. Some of the conquered countries however also had industries that contributed. Both the French and the Czech had a good capability of casting larger objects. PPP’s cast Panther hull fits the whatif scenario where production was outsourced to these industries.

The hull fits both the Dragon and Tamiya kits. Some modifications to the original plastic parts is needed.

PPP35030 is available at 40€ (TAV included, shipping not included). A shop will be added to Paperpanzer.com in the future. In the meantime contact us for more information and purchases.

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