PPP35028 Jagd E-50 E-75 ‘Eber’

Paper Panzer Productions 35028 Jagd E-50 E-75 Eber

(Warning: What if; this is not based on any documents)
The Jagd E-50/E-75 follows the idea of the Jagdpanzer and Sturmtiger, where a standard chassis could be taken of the production chain and have the superstructure bolted on. A heavily armored frontplate with additional protection where hull and superstructure meet provide a hard to penetrate front. Combined with the deadly 8.8cm gun and state-of-the-art optics the Jagd E-50/E-75 ‘Eber’ would have been a tough nut to crack.

The conversion is easy to build. You can mount it on the Trumpeter chassis without having to cut or modify. The kit comes with a metal barrel and antenna (antenna not shown on demo model).

PPP35028 Jagd E-50/E-75 is available at 40‚ā¨ (TAV included, shipping not included). A shop will be added to Paperpanzer.com in the future. In the meantime contact us for more information and purchases.

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